Saturday, January 21, 2006


The Journalists Association of Wester Samoa [JAWS] was established by 15 members of the Media and Information field at the time, date yet to be confirmed, but safely around the 1980s.

The founding members were:
Momoe Malietoa
Len Lohmann
Jannette Thomson - Samoa Observer
Millie McDonald
Jean Ash Malifa - Samoa Observer
Sano Malifa - Samoa Observer
Uelese Petaia
Sevealii P. Vee - Savali
Lauvale P. Tialavea
Lance Polu - 2AP
Ulafala Aiavao - Writer
Tomasi Maiava - 2AP
Alan Ah Mu - Samoa Times
Petelo Filipo - Samoa Times
Ati Uaoa - Samoa Times

As stated in the Constitution of JAWS:
The objects for which the Association is established are:
3.1 To promote cooperation among local journalists and others working inthe media, information and public relations sectors.
3.3 To promote an understanding of the role of journalism in the community.
3.3 To organise activities that promote the aims and values of the Association.
3.3 To undertake activities that will lead to improved training of members and increase professionalism.
3.5 To establish and uphold a code of ethics.
3.6 To establish and maintain contact with like-minded regional and international organisations.
3.7 To develop and maintain freedom of information and expression.


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